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  • AU NBAC S565
  • Serial

Paris. Published by the Association des Femmes Diplomees des Universites, Paris. To 1968 as Femmes Diplomees

Association des Femmes Diplomees des Universites

Current Politics

  • AU NBAC S559
  • Serial

Sydney. Issued by the Federal Secretariat of the Liberal Party of Australia

Liberal Party of Australia

Queensland Teachers' Journal

  • AU NBAC S59
  • Serial
  • 1956 - 1964

Brisbane. Official organ of the Queensland Teachers' Union. See also Queensland Teachers Union Professional Magazine (S813)

Queensland Teachers' Union

The Chronicle

  • AU NBAC S546
  • Serial

Canada. Published by the Canadian Federation of University of Women

Canadian Federation of University of Women


  • AU NBAC S505
  • Serial

New York. Published by the American Council for Judaism. Together with Brief (S534), supersedes in part Council News, whose Vol numbering it continues. Issues and Brief are inter-numbered

American Council for Judaism


  • AU NBAC S534
  • Serial

New York. Published by the American Council for Judaism. Supersedes In Part together with Issues, Council News (issued by the American Council for Judaism) and continues its volume numbering. Issues and Brief are internumbered

American Council for Judaism

Hungarian Bulletin

  • AU NBAC S507
  • Serial

Budapest. Fortnightly Review, information service for the foreign press. Superseded by Hungarian Review Jan 1955

Polish Facts and Figures

  • AU NBAC S473
  • Serial

London. Issued by the Press Office of the Polish Embassy London

Polish Perspectives

  • AU NBAC S472
  • Serial

Warsaw. A monthly review published under the auspices of the Polish Institute of International Affairs

The Post (UK)

  • AU NBAC S347
  • Serial

London. Journal of the Union of Post Office Workers

Prague News Letter

  • AU NBAC S350
  • Serial

Prague. A fortnightly survey of political and cultural life in Czechoslovakia

Photographs of Papua New Guinea

  • AU ANUA 704
  • Series
  • 1957 - 1965

Negatives, photographs, and contact sheets of areas in Papua New Guinea. Areas include: Western District, Nomad River, Great Papuan Plateau, Min of the Star Mountains, Southern Highlands District, Huri, and Nembi. The items are divided into 10 folders, dates if not provided) are 1963-1965, with folder 1: Kiunga to Nomad River, including a patrol post and airstrip; folder 2 and 3: Biami villages on the plateau (Nomad River); folder 4: Lavani Valley Muller Range, Burnett River and other locations on journey from Tari; folder 5: The Min of Olsobip and the mountains; folder 6: Seltamin of Strickland River and the mountains; folder 7: The Min of Olsobip and the mountains; folder 8: Olsobip, Telefomin, the Men of Olsobip and the mountains; folder 9: Huri, Southern Highlands 1957-1962; folder 10: Nembi, Southern Highlands, 1961.

Hoad, Robert A.

Suva House records

  • AU ANUA 701
  • Series


Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies

Journal of Pacific History editorial files

  • AU ANUA 700
  • Series
  • 1959 - 2005

Files created by the Executive Editor of the Journal of Pacific History. Contains financial documents, correspondence, materials related to editing/proofing, printing, distribution and publicity for the journal and also some of the JPH monographs. Also includes some copies of minutes of meetings.

Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies

Papers of Andrée Rosenfeld

  • AU ANUA 690
  • Series
  • 1934 - 2008

Papers relating to excavations in New Ireland

Rosenfeld, Andrée Jeanne

Specht pre-doctoral research and related materials

  • AU ANUA 688
  • Series
  • 1965 - 1970

Items related to pre-doctoral research undertaken by Jim Specht at ANU, including correspondence, materials relating to the Department of Prehistory, materials relating to fieldwork including diaries, reports, data sheets, photographs, negatives, and slides.

Specht, James Richard

Papers of Don Gunn on the Fijian National Federation Party (NFP) Taukei Committee

  • AU ANUA 655
  • Series
  • 1970 - 1971

Papers relate to Fiji in the period following Fijian independence on 10 October 1970 and the Fijian trade union movement. Includes Minutes of the N.F.P. (National Federation Committee) Taukei, 1971 ; two photographs and issues of the Pacific Review, 22 December 1970 - 23 September 1971.

Allan Flinders Gow collection

  • AU ANUA 634
  • Series
  • 1927 - 1997

Personal records of Gow's life in Papua New Guinea including paper files, film (8mm, 9.5mm and 35mm), photographs and slides, transparencies, paintings and ephemera. Also includes family records. Description of film reels are based on frames at the beginning of each reel and not indicative of the entire content of the film.

Gow, Allan Flinders

Jeff Doring collection of documentary material on the Bedamini people of Papua New Guinea

  • AU ANUA 632
  • Series
  • 1970s

The collection was created by Jeff and Su Doring in c1972. The film (videocassette) 'Tidikawa and Friends' is a 50 minute documentary of the daily lives of the Bedamini speakers of PNG through the eyes of Tidikawa, a spirit medium who communicate with ancestral spirits. The film was awarded the AFI Gold Award for Best Documentary ; the Australian Cinematographic Society, Best Documentary ; and the Gold Award for Best Documentary in the 15th American Film Festival, 1973. The collection also includes seven large folders of 35mm colour and black and white negatives, together with contact prints; three small files of 5.5cm Panchromatic black and white negatives, and Kodak colour 5.5cm negatives ; plus some field notes on the Bendamini.

Doring, Jeff

Collection of miscellaneous issues of Pacific newsletters from Vanuatu, New Hebrides and the Solomon Islands

  • AU ANUA 631
  • Series
  • 1970s - 1990s

Small collection of miscellaneous issues of Pacific newsletters, including: 'Vanuaaku Pati Seli Hoo' (5 issues, 1993-94) ; 'Solomons News' (1 issue, 15 May 1986) ; 'Tam Tam' (1 issue, 4 January 1982) ; 'Vanuaaku Viewpoints' (5 issues, 1978 - 83) ; 'Nabanga' (New Hebrides), 4 issues 1979, including a 'Special elections' issue ; 'Vanua Scope' (3 issues 1993) ; 'Seli Hoo' (Vanuatu), 7 issues, 1977 - 80 ; and 'Corail' (New Caledonia) I dependence issue 31 July 1980. Includes two political posters from the New Hebrides ('Major Key Policies', 1979) and the North Solomons Province (Representative Assembly Election, List of Candidates, 14 November 1979).

University Library

University of Papua New Guinea household baseline surveys of rising expectations 1986

  • AU ANUA 622
  • Series
  • 1986

1 large box of field data sheets, with codes and reports from a UPNG survey conducted by four teams of students on Normandy and Fergusson Islands in 1986. The survey was undertaken to identify the monetary needs of householders to 'live well' and to establish baseline data for future comparison.

University of Papua New Guinea

Robert Mitton papers

  • AU ANUA 620
  • Series

This deposit has not been processed.

Mitton, Robert

Peter White archaeological research papers on Lake Kopiago, Papua New Guinea

  • AU ANUA 611
  • Series
  • 1964 - 2001

The collection includes papers, photographs, slides, negatives and contact prints relating to archaeological fieldwork in Papua New Guinea: in Lake Kopiago, Western Highlands District, Papua New Guinea (1967 and 1973) ; Kosipe, Central District (1964 and 1967) ; Irian-Jaya (May - June 1983) ; Brooker Island, Louisade Archipelago (1967) ; New Ireland (1969 - 1990) ; Balof 1 (1988) ; Balof 2 (1990) ; New Ireland (1988 - 1994) ; New Britain (2001).

White, J Peter

Reverend Harry T. Williams, Megalithic art structures found on Normandy Island, Papua.

  • AU ANUA 606
  • Series
  • c1940

Reverend Henry Williams was a Methodist Missionary on Normandy Island 1930 - 1945. In December 1940, during a pastoral and medical patrol to Sewa Bay, the inhabitants spoke of strange stones with unusual markings, which prompted Reverend Williams to record the site and conduct further research. The paper is in three parts, with varying contents including: Introduction ; The site of the stones ; General observations on the site ; The story of the stones ; A curious cave terminal ; The engravers and their tools ; Features in the designs ; The builders from whence? ; Primitive engravers. Includes text, maps, plates and hand-drawn illustrations.

Williams, Harry T

Minutes of meetings and related papers Wahgi Local Government Council, Papua New Guinea

  • AU ANUA 603
  • Series
  • 1962 - 1976

Nangamp [Nangamb] Native Local Government Council, Kerowil, minutes of meetings, Jan 1962-Feb 1965, in Pidgin;
Minj and Nangamp Local Government Councils, Kerowil, minutes of meetings, Apr-Aug 1965, in Pidgin;
Documents re amalgamation of Minj and Nangamp LGCs to form Wahgi LGC, 1965;
Wahgi Local Government Council, Kerowil, minutes of meetings, Jul 1966, Jul 1973-May 1976, in English;
Territory of Papua and New Guinea, Local Government Council Conference - Highlands Region, Mt. Hagen Council Chambers, 28-30 Mar 1967.
Wahgi Tuale Association, Aims and Policies; and other documents.

Wahgi Local Government Council, Papua New Guinea

Report on coastwatching activity on Bougainville Island 1941 - 1943

  • AU ANUA 601
  • Series
  • 1941 - 1943

Photocopy of original transcript, Parts I-XI and appendices A-L, includes detailed contents list, 148pp. Part 1 Introduction: Australian administration in the northern (mandated) Solomons on the outbreak of war with Japan ; Part 2: The evacuation of Kieta - Read takes over civil administration - The Japanese bomb Buka Passage and Kieta ; Part 3: The Japanese invasion ; Part 4: Awaiting allied offensive ; Part 5: American attack in Solomons ; Part 6: Victory in Guadalcanal ; Part 7: Suspension of coastwatching on Bougainville Island ; Part 8: Evacuation ; Part 9: Recommendations ; Part 10: Techniques of coastwatching ; Part 11: Miscellaneous

Read, William John (Jack)

Vic Faulkner's collection of Lae, Papua New Guinea community and local government papers

  • AU ANUA 598
  • Series
  • 1959 - 1974

The collection is the personal collection of Vic Faulkner who was a councillor on the Lae Town Council from the inaugural meeting in 1971 until 1974. The collection includes the Lae Town Council inaugural election political material for 1971 ; Lae Town Council, Standing Orders Committee - references and resources for 1971 ; Inaugural meeting, Lae Town Council, 1971 and Minutes (including some Executive Finance Minutes) from April 1971 - 7 August 1974 ; the 15th and 17th Morobe District Councils Conferences, Lae ; Minutes of the Lae Chamber of Commerce, 26 January - 9 February 1971 ; Establishment of Area Authority - Morobe District Area (Province), 21 December 1972 - 13 December 1972.

Joanne Wodak collection of Ombisusu stories (folklore) from Papua New Guinea

  • AU ANUA 597
  • Series
  • 1968 - 1970

Ombisusu stories is a collection folk stories gathered through oral history and research conducted by Joanne Wodak in mid 1969 while a tutor in literature at the University of Papua New Guinea from 1968 - 1970. The collection consists of stories by inhabitants of Ombisusu that were mostly translated into English, some left in the original language and written down or typed by the researcher after recording them on tape. The aim of collecting stories was to keep them for the benefit of the children of Ombisusu villagers and for people in Papua New Guinea. The collection contains stories on history, origins and clans.

Wodak, Joanne

Tok Pisin publications on the New Guinean dialect of English

  • AU ANUA 587
  • Series
  • 1955 - 1973

Eighty five publications by various Tok Pisin authors. Includes publications on agriculture, health, education and literacy, government, religious texts, children’s books, grammars and phrase books, etc. Also some publications in local indigenous languages (Tok Ples) such as Fore and Atzera, some English publications concerning Tok Pisin, and one short typescript manuscript in Tok Pisin on an account of a first time visit to Port Moresby.

Balint, Andras

Papers of Gordon Thomas

  • AU ANUA 584
  • Series
  • 1910s - 2004

This collection of documents and images relating to Gordon Thomas's time in Rabaul, Papua New Guinea includes correspondence with the Department of External Territories regarding persons lost on the Montevideo Maru and proclamations from the Chief of the Japanese Army during the Japanese occuptaion of Rabaul. Photographs from the 1910s and 1930s are of people and places in German New Guinea.

Thomas, Edward Llewellyn Gordon

Mervyn Meggitt's Enga (Papua New Guinea) field materials

  • AU ANUA 581
  • Series
  • c1960

There are two sets of material ( 2 items) in the collection including:
(i) a ringbinder primarily containing a set of genealogical diagrams, and,
(ii) a set of worksheets primarily containing survey plots of garden land use and ownership

There is little or no descriptive documentation attached to either set of records. As far as is known, Meggitt never published the results of this land survey.
The garden land use and ownership survey was conducted in July-September 1960, with tabulation in 1961 (Meggitt 1978: 109-109, and monthly dating on the worksheets).
The survey covers gardens of the Kara clan (at least, and possibly others) at Sari, a location near Wabag, in what was then called the Upper Lai Census Division 12, Enga Province. The genealogical data also appears to be mainly of members of the Kara clan, and was collected and added to between the 1950s and c.1987.
Sari was Meggitt’s main field site between at least 1955 and the 1980s (Meggitt 1957: 161, and personal communication with P Wohlt, who visited Meggitt there in the 1980s-, and T Hays.

NB. These materials, as far as it known, are the only surviving raw field data from Meggitt’s Enga studies, as he destroyed the other materials before his death.

Meggitt, M J, 1957. “House building among the Mae Enga, Western Highlands, Territory of New Guinea”. Oceania, 27(3), 161-176.

Meggitt, M J, 1978. “Reflections occasioned by continuing anthropological field research among the Enga of Papua New Guinea”. In: Foster, G M. Scudder, T., Colson, E., and Kemper, R.V. ed. Long-term field research in social anthropology. New York, Academic Press, 107-125.

Gilbert Herdt Sambian archive

  • AU ANUA 582
  • Series

Consisting of 1 box of administrative documents on the six boxes of film rushes on the 'Sambia' People (a pseudonym created by Herdt) of Papua New Guinea.

Herdt, Gilbert

Personal papers of George Whittaker

  • AU ANUA 567
  • Series

Notes, newspaper articles, personal correspondence, letters by Whittaker, diaries, photographs, letters and documents in relation to his business as an optometrist in Papua New Guinea, documents relating to Awilunga Plantation Limited, legal and financial records.

Whittaker, George

John Duffield's Papua New Guinea manuscript collection

  • AU ANUA 564
  • Series
  • 1962 - 1976

The collection covers the period 1962 to 1976, when John Duffield was a Patrol Officer, Political Education Officer and District Government Liaison Officer with the Australian Public Service in Papua New Guinea. Included are Field Officer Journals from 1972 to 1976; several Patrol Reports and a very large collection of letters, circulars, reports, telegrams, ephemera, patrol instructions and comments on patrol reports; declarations of Local Government Council elections; as well as many personal records including his appointment as a Local Government advisor; an acceptance letter to ASOPA (the Australian School of Pacific Studies); his appointment letter as a Cadet Patrol Officer and appointment as a Magistrate for Native Matters. There are copies of the 'Black and White Magazine' and posters and ephemera relating to self-government and Independence. Rare publications include: the Western Highlands District Agricultural Society Mount Hagen Show Handbook for the Fourth District Show, dated 1967; Recipe book - 'Entertaining in Papua and New Guinea', published by the Boroko Branch of the Country Women's Association, 2nd Edition, 1968; and the Third South Pacific Games Souvenir Cookery Book, c.1969.

Of particular significance are booklets produced for the Independence celebrations in Port Moresby in 1975, including booklets on the 'State Welcome & Flag Lowering', 'Sport & Culture', 'Royal Tour', 'Guriguri Hebou', 'Bikpela Lotu, 'Flag Raising', 'Installation & Constitutional Ceremonies', 'State opening of the First National Parliament', 16 September 1975, 'Official Programme'.

The collection includes one album of photographs covering the period.

Duffield, John

David Henry Lewis papers on Pacific navigation

  • AU ANUA 563
  • Series

Collection includes field notes, newspaper clippings, research reports, photographs and maps:
Items 26 - 31: Field notebooks - Simpson Desert, Papunya, Indonesia.
Items 4 - 11: Map of the 1977-1978 voyage to Antartica in the 'Solo', including several photographs and newspaper clippings.
Items 1, 14, 17, 20: Details about the navigational techniques used by the Prahu Captains of Indonesia.
Item 21: Draft article on the Prahu Captains for 'Playboy'.
Items 22 - 24: Route-finding techniques of Aboriginal people in the Western Desert of Australia.

Lewis, David Henry

Frank Ryan's Papua New Guinea slide collection

  • AU ANUA 561
  • Series
  • 1956 - 1970

The series consists of 395 images of people, families, villages, social life and customs as well as images taken in the course of Frank Ryan's work as a District Agricultural Officer.

Ryan, Francis Xavier

Ken Miller papers

  • AU NBAC Z458
  • Deposit
  • 1913 - 1963

Notes, press cuttings and files relating to Communist Party of Australia campaigns; papers relating to Richmond municipal politics; poetry and songs, pamphlets and leaflets, printed material on communism theory and international politics.

Miller, Ken


  • AU NBAC S444
  • Serial

Sydney. Published by AIM then VOICE Publishing Co, An Australian Monthly Review

Levien, Harold

The Industrial Newsletter

  • AU NBAC S1064
  • Serial

Published by Bryan Thompson and Richard Hall 1965 - 1968. Published by Maxwell Newton Pty Ltd 1969 -

John Gordon-Kirkby Papua New Guinea Field Officer's Journals

  • AU ANUA 559
  • Series
  • 1964 - 1972

Carbon copy of journal from the commencement of service on 1 June 1964 to or 14 February 1965, including stations at Rabaul, Kokopo, Messawa, Manus (Lorengau), Balluan and Rambutso. Also includes papers related to the creation of the Enga Cultural Centre and the story of the Enga Provincial Flag.

Gordon-Kirkby, John William

Assessment of the impacts of frost and drought in Papua New Guinea; surveys and research

  • AU ANUA 558
  • Series
  • 1997 - 1998

In 1997 Papua New Guinea was in the throes of a severe drought with frosts at high altitudes, which severely disrupted food and water supplies. Funded by AusAid, teams of researchers led by the authors, including Papua New Guineans and Papua New Guinea based agriculturalists, conducted field surveys to assess the impact of drought and frost on village food and water supply in all 19 provinces and most districts. The collection includes the field survey data sheets, the Excel database spreadsheet compiled by Joseph Viles, his BA Hons thesis and Bryant Allen's collection of research papers.

Allen, Bryant

John Baker Tongan Collection

  • AU ANUA 555
  • Series
  • 1955 - 1973

The collection was formed during 1969 and 1970 by John R Baker, Economist to the Government of Tonga and resident in the capital of Nukualofa from August 1969 to May 1970. Baker was employed by the British Ministry of Overseas Development and was seconded to the Government of Tonga as an Economist to undertake the preparation and drafting of the Tonga Development Plan 1970 - 1975, which was Tonga's second development plan. He was employed partly on the strength of his having worked in the Solomon Islands in 1964 and 1965 under the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Scheme. He was the first economist employed by the Tonga Government to work on development planning.

Baker, John R

Michael Young's Papua New Guinea anthropological consultancy reports and research papers

  • AU ANUA 553
  • Series
  • 1981 - 1992

Contains anthropological research papers relating to four Papua New Guinea projects.

  1. Records of the Milne Bay Oil Palm social impact study are
    fieldwork papers (items 1-12),
    consultancy report papers (items 13-18),
    related technical reports (items 19-31)
    a map (item 32), and
    other correspondence (items 33-35).

  2. Records of the Wapolu Gold Mine, Fergusson Island : Socio-Economic Impact Study (SEIS) are
    fieldword papers (items 36-59)
    consultancy report papers (items 60-63)
    reference notes and reports (items 64-77)
    cassette recordings (items 78-88)
    colour kodachrome slides (items 89-148)
    colour prints (items 149-172)

  3. Records of the Woodlark (Muyuw) Island are
    forestry study (items 173-182)
    Kodachrome colour slides (items 182-246)

  4. Records of South Normanby Island
    fieldwork papers (items 247-267)
    maps (items 268-270)
    colour kodachrome slides (items 271-370)
    cassette recordings (items 371-372)

Young, Michael Willis

Geoffrey Hope collection of papers on population and the environment in Papua New Guinea

  • AU ANUA 552
  • Series
  • 1980 - 1995

Research collection collected by Geoffrey Hope during fieldwork in Papua (Irian Jaya) and Papua New Guinea (1980 - 1995). Collection consists of reprinted articles, unpublished reports, one field notebook, one closed ANU file (5-17-2) on the Mount Wilhelm Research Station, photographs, newspaper clippings, expedition equipment shipping lists and associated paperwork.

Hope, Geoffrey Scotford

James Sinclair Papua New Guinea Research Collection

  • AU ANUA 547
  • Series
  • 1948 - 2013

The collection was made by James Sinclair in 1973 -1974 from files held by TPNG District Administration, Konedobu.The collection includes patrol reports, station journals and district annual reports (including selected memoranda), together with various other reports, reviews and studies with detailed indexes compiled by Bob Cole listing patrol number and date, patrol officer and area patrolled, photocopies and some original documents held in binders, departmental correspondence and reports and manuscripts and publications, collected by James Sinclair, together with some Department of District Administration confidential files, and Sinclair’s notes on various archives and secondary sources.

Includes documents given to James Sinclair by Sir John Gunther, J.K. McCarthy, Robert Cole and the family of Sir Donald Cleland.

Sinclair, James Patrick

Michael Monsell-Davis journals, diaries, fieldnotes and research files on the Roro

  • AU ANUA 545
  • Series
  • 1965 - 2000

The collection includes significant language and genealogical data. The records include research files, letters, journals and diaries compiled by Davis while working as a social anthropologist in Papua New Guinea :-
Items 1 - 59 - Journals (1965 - 2000)
Items 60 - 111 - Research Files
Items 112 - 115 - Publications

Monsell Davis, Michael Dunmore

Bronwen Douglas Pacific research papers

  • AU ANUA 524
  • Series
  • c. 1966 - 2012

Conference and seminar papers; PhD thesis; course material; field work tapes, notes and interview; correspondence; drafts; collection of articles and chapters on Pacific women, Christianity in Melanesia, Australian Aboriginal history and Aboriginal women, anthropological theory and miscellaneous theory, New Caledonia and Polynesia.

Douglas, Bronwen

Correspondence and unpublished manuscripts

  • AU ANUA 523
  • Series
  • 1962 - 1995

Correspondence, reports, press cuttings, research materials, contracts and employment documents, lecture notes and student essays, conference programs, manuscripts and publications, and interview tapes. Also includes records related to the Tongan History Association.

Latukefu, Sione

Indenture research papers of K L Gillion

  • AU ANUA 522
  • Series
  • n.d.

Research papers of K L Gillion, publications re Fiji press, material relating to CSR, Methodist papers and miscellaneous papers (not yet processed).

Gillion, Kenneth L

Nancy Lutton papers on John Alexander Kolia

  • AU ANUA 521
  • Series
  • 1978 - 1993

Correspondence, press cuttings, journal articles and reviews, unpublished verse, theatre programmes and poster, 1981; photograph and other documents; Thesis: Lyn Baer, In Between: Cultural Ambivalence in the Novels of John Kolia, 1982; audio recordings on cassette tape, duplicated typescripts, and publications.

Collier, John Alexander

Field notes and tapes on the Markham language group, Papua New Guinea

  • AU ANUA 520
  • Series
  • 1952 - 1987

Holzknecht studied languages of the Markham family of languages in Papua New Guinea, including the Wampar, Aribwaungg (Yalu), Musom, Labu and Aribwatsa (now extinct) language groups. The collection includes field notes and recordings of the languages including lexus, syntactic lists, grammar outlines, kinship charts and word lists, maps, publications and dictionaries of indigenous languages into German and English. Includes publications in German language.

Holzknecht, Susanne

Judy Davis unpublished manuscript for PhD in womens history, Papua New Guinea from 1874 - 1942

  • AU ANUA 512
  • Series
  • c. 2010 - 2012

Draft manuscript for a PhD on the cultural history of women in Papua New Guinea from 1874 to 1942. The work examines the actions of 'white' women in a country with divided administrations and divided cultural histories - women from Australia, China and the relationships between 'white' women and native women. Chapter headings include: Military occupation 1914 - 1921; The phoney colonies (British and German New Guinea); Women on plantations; Ruling societies in Australia and colonial New Guinea; Feminist/women's history; Men and women; Loneliness; Outside women (the wives of white employees in Papua New Guinea). Judy Davis notes that the thesis is 'not a conventional history' as the research was conducted with 'little reference to Official Documents' and traditional research resources. Instead she studied the lives of 'white' women through their own personal stories and experiences and other anecdotal information.

Davis, Judy

Joe Barr's collection of Pacific disaster management publications and research material

  • AU ANUA 503
  • Series
  • 1970 - 2013

The collection consists of disaster and research reports, disaster preparedness workshop training manuals, seminar papers, consultancy management files, newspaper clippings, small publications and ephemera, a large number of SOPAC (Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission) and United Nations reports, and documents created when Joe Barr was engaged as a consultant in relation to disaster management in the Pacific Islands. Of particular significance are the photographs and slides taken immediately following disasters in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa and Cambodia, Turkey, Afghanistan, India and Indonesia.

Barr, Joseph

Papua New Guinea aerial photographs

  • AU ANUA 502
  • Series
  • 1942 - 1973

Aerial photographs of the Rabaul area, Papua New Guinea, including Sortie Works, defence areas, forests, Keravat, Kokopo, and Ataliklikun Bay.

Granger, Ken

Papers of Arthur Braisby

  • AU ANUA 500
  • Series
  • 1922 - 1945

Correspondence, memoranda and report, evacuation lists, defence plans and notes.

Braisby, Arthur L

Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association collection

  • AU ANUA 487
  • Series
  • c. 1942 - 1974

Press clippings from Hawaiian and other US press on the Pacific Islands, articles and reports. The files are arranged by the following subjects: American Samoa, American Polynesia, Anglo-American Rivalry for Pacific Islands, Arno Atoll (Marshall Islands), the Bounty and genetics, Canton Island and Enderbury Island, Caroline Island, Christmas Island, Clipperton Island, Easter Island, Falcon Island, Fanning Island, Fiji, French Polynesia (Tahiti, Marquesas, Tuamotus, Australs), Gilbert and Ellice Islands, Guam, Hawaii, Hoorn Islands, Howland Island, Hull Island, Japanese Mandate Islands, Jarvis, Howland and Baker Islands, Johnston Island, Kapingamarangi Atoll, Kingman Reef, Lord Howe Island, Mangareva, Mariannas Island, Marquesas Islands, Marshall Islands (Kwajalein Island), Michener and the Pacific, Micronesia, Midway Island, Nauru and Ocean Island, New Caledonia, New Hebrides, New Zealand, Palau, Palmyra Island, Papua New Guinea, Pearl and Hermes Reef, Pitcairn Island, Ponape, Rose Island, Saipan and Tinian, Solomon Islands, Swains Island, Tonga, Torres Strait, US Trust Territory, Vostok Island, Wake Island, Washington Island, Western Samoa, World War II. Also loose press cuttings on Micronesia Independence, nuclear testing and strategic policy.

Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Association

Jean Chambers health posters

  • AU ANUA 496
  • Series
  • c. 1949 - 1960

Posters prepared for the Infant Welfare Section, Department of Public Health, Papua New Guinea.

Chambers, Jean

David Moorhouse papers

  • AU ANUA 486
  • Series
  • 1955 - 1996

Papers documenting David Bruce Moorhouse's career in Papua New Guinea as a patrol officer, administrator, and land consultant. Includes patrol reports, field officer's journal, mining consultancy papers, correspondence, papers relating to border crossings and territory intelligence, newspaper articles re royal visit by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, publications and maps.

Moorhouse, David Bruce

Peter Sack land court decisions in Papua New Guinea

  • AU ANUA 385
  • Series
  • 1930 - 1974

Copies of judgements from the Land Titles Commission, Native Land Commission and New Guinea Central Court relating to Dr Sack’s work on land tenure in Papua New Guinea. Includes copies of transcripts of evidence before the Land Titles Commission on the matter of DA1 and DA 180 [Items 1-25]; copies of judgements of the Central Court of New Guinea (became the Supreme Court of the Territory of New Guinea in 1934) [Items 26-33]; copies of the Supreme Court of the Territory of Papua and New Guinea - Papua New Guinea Law Reports (PNGLR); copies of Unreported Judgements - PNG Central Court, PNG Supreme Court and PNG National Courts, and background notes.

Sack, Peter Georg

Dorothy Shineberg research papers

  • AU ANUA 484
  • Series
  • 1952 - 1993

The collection consists of research works and papers by Shineberg; files of general research material arranged by subject including Andrew Cheyne's Trading Voyages, cargo cults, decolonisation, Fiji, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Kiribati/Gilbert Islands, pacific labour trade, Marquesas Islands, Micronesia, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Palau, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tonga, Vanuatu/New Hebrides; undergraduate teaching resources and lectures; correspondence, photographs, computer disks, microfilm prints, material related to Shineberg's career, copies of archival material dating from the 18th century, card indexes and miscellaneous reprints.

Shineberg, Dorothy

Marjorie Bull papers

  • AU ANUA 482
  • Series
  • 1948 - 1995

Reprints of academic papers by Margaret Mead, newsclippings and copies of publications, correspondence, and a copy of biographer Jane Howard's CV and talk 'Flyovers, Quiddities, Pledges'.

Bull, Marjorie

Charles Morris Woodford papers on the Solomon Islands and other Pacific countries

  • AU ANUA 481
  • Series
  • 1886 - 1918

The collection was compiled by Charles Morris Woodford, naturalist and First Resident Commissioner of the British Solomon Islands Protectorate from 1896 - 1915. The collection includes diaries, photographs, correspondence, sketches and research notes related to the natural history, geography and ethnography of the Solomon Islands and other Pacific Islands from 1884 - 1915, as well as family papers and documents related to the administration of Solomon Islands Protectorate. There are documents about relations between the missionaries and the traders, matters associated with labour and the alienation of land, economic activity and tourism. The collection includes Woodford's 'Journal of a voyage from Suva Fiji to the Gilbert Group' from 4 March 1884 - 22 June 1884 ; Woodford's diaries from 1886 - 1889 ; 140 photographs taken on the voyage to and residence in the Solomon Islands in 1886 ; photographs of Rennell Island and inhabitants signed by Northcote Deck c1909. Of significance are ten large photographs of various scenes of the Solomon Islands, c1901, some published in The discovery of the Solomon Islands by Alvaro de Mendana in 1568, by Lord Amherst of Hackney and Basil Thomson (1901).

ANUA 481 is a consolidated collection of all four parts of the Woodford donation:
ANUA 481/1 is a photograph album containing 140 photographs taken in from April - October 1886 ;
ANUA 481/1 - 282 are items from 'bundles 1 - 30' ;
ANUA 481/ 283 - 317 relate to the second donation (ie PMB 1381) ;
ANUA 481/318 - 322 and 324 - 327 are eight large format photographs c1884 ;
ANUA 481/323 is a presentation plaque given to Woodford in 1905 ;
ANUA 481/329 is a collection of 126 photographs [ie PMB Photo 58]

Woodford, Charles Morris

Lorraine and Michael Ovington collection

  • AU ANUA 480
  • Series
  • 1976 - 1992

Correspondence, personal diaries, copy of a calendar, newspaper clippings and photographs relating to the Ovingtons' time in New Caledonia and Vanuatu, 1978-1980, photographs of Independence celebrations, official invitations, course papers on human development, and publications. Includes sound recording ANUA 480/18: Traditional music of Vanuatu (New Hebrides) from the Cultural Centre Archives, recordings made by anthropologist Kirk Huffman in the 1970s. The recordings relate to cultural practices. Side 1: Aoba; Ambrym ; Mota Lava (Banks) ; Side 2: Pentecost ; Malekula ; Tanna ; Erromango ; Aneityum

Ovington, Lorraine

Darrell Tryon Research Papers on Pacific linguistics

  • AU ANUA 463
  • Series

Collection includes language and research materials related to the Pacific, especially Vanuatu (previously New Hebrides), and the pidgin and creole languages of the Pacific region.

Tryon, Darrell T

New Guinea Society, Canberra Branch papers

  • AU ANUA 462
  • Series
  • 1957 - 1965

The records comprise New Guinea Society papers presented at meetings in Canberra, records relating to membership and activities, correspondence, constitution, minutes and notices of meetings. The collection also includes some documents relating to the Papua and New Guinea Society, a group formed in Port Moresby in 1962.

New Guinea Society

Teacher training material for the Papua New Guinea 'E' Course

  • AU ANUA 461
  • Series
  • 1960 - 1972

Post World War II the need for education in Papua New Guinea was listed as essential in the Provisional Administration Bill of 1945. In the late 1950s, W C Grove, as Director of Papua New Guinea Education, saw that education for local students was hampered in that the Territory did not have staff to run schools while indigenous teachers were being trained. The 'E' or Emergency Crash Teacher Training Course was implemented. The aim was to recruit Australians, quickly train them and post them to primary schools. The first "E" course began at Malaguna Technical Centre in 1960. On 1 April 1961 the first E course graduates were posted to districts throughout PNG. The courses ended in December 1971. This compilation is in two parts. The first describes the courses, the second is a list of lecturers, trainees who graduated from the three training colleges at Malaguna, Madang and Port Moresby, and selected events.

Houston, Bernard W

George Gadbois papers relating to a Papua New Guinea House of Assembly research project.

  • AU ANUA 460
  • Series
  • 1974 - 1978

This series contains interview recordings, transcripts and research papers. They include transcripts of interviews with backbenchers in the Papua New Guinea House of Assembly, 1974; a code book interview schedule and research committee paper; lists of the members of the House of Assembly, 1964-1976; research files and publications.

The interviews were conducted in English, Tok Pisin and Motu; written (typescript) versions are all in English. Most of the interviews were conducted by University of Papua New Guinea students with the interviewers frequently identified in the written version. A memorandum from Gadbois to an (unspecified) research committee provides a rationale for the form of the study.

Gadbois, George Harold Jr

Robert Kent Wilson research papers, correspondence and publications on economic development and industrialisation in Papua New Guinea

  • AU ANUA 459
  • Series
  • 1961 - 1974

The archive comprises correspondence, lectures, notebooks, papers and other research records relating to the economic development and industrialisation in Papua New Guinea from 1961-1974. The documents cover such subjects as building and construction, fishing, gas, coconut and village industries, the labour market, migration and over-urbanization in Papua New Guinea.

Wilson, Robert Kent

Frank Gosson's collection of photographs from the Astrolabe mineral field (the Laloki and Dubuna Copper Mines) Papua New Guinea

  • AU ANUA 450
  • Series
  • 1918 - 1924

1 album of 40 black and white photographs taken by a miner associated with the Astrolable mineral field and the Laloki and Dubuna Mines near Port Moresby. The photographs were taken between 1918 and 1924 and include images of mining operations, storage facilities and a tramway, staff housing for the New Guinea Copper Mine, as well as the general images of the landscape and everyday events, including Rouna Falls, Bootless Bay, farming, harvesting and ploughing, a coconut plantation at Bautama (Bootless Inlet) and a funeral procession.

Gosson, Francis John

Solomon Islands languages collection

  • AU ANUA 449
  • Series
  • 1918 - 1996

The collection consists of manuscripts and old prints collected in Malaita by Fr Donatien Coicaud and Fr Christian Kamphuis. Includes Stories (Histoires) as language word lists, exercise books, prayer books, dictionaries, biblical material, and printed material.

Coicaud, Donatien

Robert Norton research papers on Fiji politics

  • AU ANUA 448
  • Series
  • 1966 - 2006

The collection consists of reports, correspondence, press clippings, minutes of Fijian parliamentary committees, memoranda, parliamentary legislation documents and submissions, election material, press translations and published material.

Norton, Robert

Basil Shaw's research papers for a biography of Sir Michael Somare

  • AU ANUA 447
  • Series
  • 1966 - 1986

The collection contains research files compiled by Basil Shaw to write a biography on the former Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Michael Somare. Includes correspondence, interview material, drawings by Captain Yukio Shibata, photographs, press cuttings, maps and photocopies of printed material.

Shaw, Basil John

Margaret Tedder Solomon Islands botanical index cards

  • AU ANUA 446
  • Series
  • 1971 - 1974

Index cards on medicinal and other useful plants in the Solomon islands, A-Z, arranged by plant family. The cards record: Name; Family; Habitat; Constituents; Therapeutic activity; Local names; Sources of information; Preparation and use; Regions reporting use; Other locations reporting use. Most of the information has been obtained from Central and Makira /Ulawa Province. The main language groups include: Temotu, Malaita-San Cristobal, Gela-Guadalcanal and New Georgia.

Tedder, Margaret

James Tedder Solomon Islands papers

  • AU ANUA 445
  • Series
  • 1912 - 2005

Solomon Islands files collected and/or collated by subject by James Tedder. The files include the following subjects, bird life, census, national parks, the Moro Movement, land use and issues, the Solomon Islands museum, the Solomon Islands library, local government, education and broadcasting. Also includes two photograph albums on the Solomon Islands.

Tedder, James L O

Kenneth Read papers relating to teaching ASOPA courses

  • AU ANUA 444
  • Series
  • 1949 - 1956; 1988 - 1989

The collection consists of typed copies of Dr Read’s anthropology lecture notes for the Australian School of Pacific Administration (ASOPA). Also, contains the lecture notes of other academics for ASOPA courses including Marie Reay, Camilla Wedgwood and June Watkins.

Read, Kenneth E

Marie Reay anthropology collection

  • AU ANUA 440
  • Series
  • 1940 - 2006

Research papers and notes on PNG elections, Kuma, Aboriginal Australians and gender relations; fieldwork notebooks, correspondence, draft manuscripts and completed MA thesis, sketches of kinship diagrams, reports and publications, financial records, newspaper clippings, photographs, maps, sound cassettes and reel tapes. Includes material from the Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies (AIAS).

Reay, Marie Olive

James F Weiner collection

  • AU ANUA 432
  • Series
  • 1979 - 1999

Notebooks relating to fieldwork with the Hegeso people of Papua New Guinea, and cassette tapes of recordings of music, Foi stories, stories in pidgin, meetings, arbitration cases, lectures, radio recordings, interviews, and discussions.

Weiner, James F

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