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Younghusband Limited deposit

  • AU NBAC N105
  • Deposit
  • 1889 - 1971

Financial records, wages books, newspaper cuttings, photographs, oil painting, staff provident fund records including minutes of trustee meetings, journal, ledgers and cash book.

Younghusband Limited

Elder Smith Goldsbrough Mort and Company artworks

  • AU NBAC N286
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1965

This deposit contains 2 hand coloured lithographs by Fergusson and Mitchell of R Goldsbrough and Company Limited warehouses in Sydney and Melbourne. There are also 20 watercolours by John C Goodchild of Elders Limited properties in Australia and L...

Elder Smith Goldsbrough Mort and Company Limited

Lower Coolegong Station deposit

  • AU NBAC 92
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1908

Letterbooks including copies of letters sent by John Maroney on station and personal matters.

Lower Coolegong Station

Graziers' Association of New South Wales deposit 1

  • AU NBAC E256
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1974

Minutes of the Executive Committee, District Councils (Canonbar, Central Tablelands, Dubbo, Hunter, Lachlan, Mudgee, Monaro, Narrandera, New England, North Coast, North West, Southern Tablelands, South West and Tamworth), branches (Angeldool - You...

Pastoralists' Union of New South Wales

Australian Workers' Union microfilm deposit 5

  • AU NBAC M50
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1970

Records of the Queensland Branch of the Australian Workers' Union including minutes of Branch Executive (1913-1970), annual delegate meetings (1914-1970) and The Worker Pty Ltd Board of Directors (1914-1970), correspondence, records of Charte...

Australian Workers' Union

Company prospectuses

  • AU NBAC N66
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1966

Printed prospectuses and some reports of Australian companies including gold and oil mining companies in Australia, Papua New Guinea and Fiji. Most of the prospectuses are from the 1930s-1950s.

J B Were and Son

South Australian Institute of Teachers microfilm deposit

  • AU NBAC M35
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1948

Microfilm copy of a list of officers of the South Australian Public Teachers' Association, regulations, minute books of the South Australian Teachers' Association 1890 - 1903, and Balaklava Teachers' Association 1907 - 1948.

South Australian Institute of Teachers

Les Barnes Collection

  • AU NBAC P8
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1946

Correspondence, manuscripts, card index, reports, printed material and photographs documenting Australian left wing political and industrial activities.

Barnes, Les

Lloyd Chandler Collection

  • AU NBAC N161
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1916

Photographs of Victorian trade union banners housed by Museum Victoria.

Chandler, Lloyd

Chinese Chamber of Commerce of New South Wales deposit

  • AU NBAC 111
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1950

Minutes, correspondence, financial records, and list of officer bearers. Includes minutes of predecessors and of Chinese societies in Sydney and Melbourne including the New South Wales Chinese Empire Reform Association, the Chinese Debating Societ...

Chinese Chamber of Commerce of New South Wales

Australasian Society of Engineers Federal Office deposit

  • AU NBAC N367
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1979

Minutes of Federal Council (1890-1916, 1925-1942, 1953-1979 with some gaps) and Federal Executive (1953-1979), Biennial and Triennial Conference minutes, financial records and membership records (1890-1916, 1927-1941). Financial records include Fe...

Australasian Society of Engineers

Graziers' Association of New South Wales deposit 3

  • AU NBAC P104
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1939

Volumes of press cuttings relating to general, industrial and financial matters, arbitration proceedings, Country Party, Pastures Protection Board, meat, rabbits, taxation, tariffs, transport and wool.

Pastoralists' Union of New South Wales

Transport Workers' Union Victorian Branch deposit

  • AU NBAC E103
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1961

United Carters' and Drivers' contribution book (1890-1892), Federated Carters' and Drivers' Industrial Union: minutes (1908-1912) and contributions book (1908-1910), Transport Workers' Union minutes (1926-1948), financial ...

Transport Workers' Union of Australia

Waterside Workers’ Federation of Australia, Federal Office deposit 6

  • AU NBAC Z432
  • Deposit
  • 1890s - 1991

Federal Council and All-Ports meetings, 1967-1981; financial statements (Branches and Federal Office), 1964-1987; ACTU Executive meetings, 1985-1987; ACTU Congress, 1979-1985; correspondence/subject files, 1947-1983; sound recordings, 1950s; newsp...

Waterside Workers’ Federation of Australia

William Cooper and Nephews (Australia) deposit 1

  • AU NBAC 72
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1960

Copies of minutes, annual reports, financial records, correspondence, printed materials and photographs, maps and plan, station records. Includes records of constituent Australasian Sheep Dip Company some records of the Ottery Mine (near Tenterfie...

William Cooper and Nephews (Australia) Proprietary Limited

South Australian Teachers' Association deposit

  • AU NBAC T42
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1951

This deposit includes minutes of the South Australian Teachers' Association (1890 - 1903), the Headmasters' Association (1920 - 1927), the South Australian Public Teachers' Union executive and vigilance committee (1925 - 1927) and p...

South Australian Teachers' Association

Ian Hudson Collection

  • AU NBAC N103
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1986

Correspondence, research files, printed material and photographs relating to Ian Hudson's research on the history of the timber industry in NSW. The research files hold information on a number of NSW timber companies and industry organisation...

Hudson, Ian George

G A Manning collection

  • AU NBAC P121
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1969

Research papers on the merger of Elder Smith and Goldsbrough Mort & Co. Includes subject files, copies of minutes, reports, correspondence, records re staff funds, working papers and drafts Manning's book, printed material, maps, plan and...

Manning, Geoffrey Arthur

Ray Marginson collection

  • AU NBAC P6
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1953

Political pamphlets, books and serials, including material on banking legislation, the ALP and referenda; papers relating to the Victorian Fabian Society; catalogues and programmes.

Marginson, Raymond David

Operative Painters' and Decorators' Union South Australian Branch deposit

  • AU NBAC E109
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1962

Minutes of meetings of the Operative Painters and Paperhangers Society of South Australia (1890-1893), the Federated Building Trades Union (1892-1899) and the Operative Painters and Decorators Union (1909-1932) and rule books.

Operative Painters and Paperhangers' Society of South Australia

Labor Council of New South Wales microfilm deposit 2

  • AU NBAC M59
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1966

Microfilm copy of Executive Committee minutes (1890-1966) and general meetings (1935-1959) including indexes, reports, rules and other material. Also includes rules of Federated Moulders (Metals) Union of Australasia, NSW District and minutes of m...

Labor Council of New South Wales

Waterside Workers’ Federation of Australia, Sydney Branch deposit

  • AU NBAC Z248
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1994

Minutes of meetings - Sydney Wharf Labourers’ Union, 1889-1922, WWF Sydney Branch, 1922-1991, Federal Council, 1944-1964, Federal Committee of Management, 1942-1954, Sydney Port Committee, 1991-1993, Stop Work meetings, 1944-1992; Disciplinary Com...

Waterside Workers’ Federation of Australia

Livestock and Grain Producers' Association of New South Wales deposit 2

  • AU NBAC N123
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1988

Minutes of the Council, Executive Committee and Annual Conference of the Pastoralists' Union, the Graziers' Association of NSW and the Livestock and Grain Producers' of NSW (1890-1988) and of commodity and other committees of the Gr...

Pastoralists' Union of New South Wales

Griffith Brothers Proprietary Limited deposit

  • AU NBAC 43
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1928

Minutes, staff records, business notes and instruction book, wages book, register of members and directors, register of mortgages and financial records, newspapers containing advertisements

Griffiths Brothers Proprietary Limited

Tom and Mary Wright Collection deposit 2

  • AU NBAC Z267
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1988

Family papers and photographs; correspondence; pamphlets and papers relating to the women’s movement, peace movement and trade unions; records relating to Tom Wright including reports, printed material, diaries, personal files and obituaries; subj...

Wright, Mary

CSR Limited Goondi Mill deposit 2

  • AU NBAC N341
  • Deposit
  • 1890 - 1942

The deposit from Goondi Mill (Queensland) consists of letter books 1892-1920; engineers reports and notes 1890-1941; union claims and labour matters 1939-40; Royal Commission on Sugar questionnaire 1942.

Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited

Australian Woolgrowers' and Graziers' Council deposit 2

  • AU NBAC E266
  • Deposit
  • 1891 - 1979

Minutes of the Pastoralists' Federal Council of Australia, Graziers' Federal Council and Australian Woolgrowers' and Graziers' Council including annual convention and Executive Committee (1891-1976), minutes of the Australian W...

Pastoralists' Federal Council of Australia

Ballarat Trades and Labor Council deposit

  • AU NBAC E97
  • Deposit
  • 1891 - 1922

This deposit was transferred to the custody of the Ballarat Trades and Labour Council in 2016.Copies of a draft scheme of Federation by the Australasian Federation of Labour, submitted by the seventh Intercolonial Trades and Labour Congress to the...

Ballarat Trades and Labor Council

South Australian Institute of Teachers deposit 1

  • AU NBAC N91
  • Deposit
  • 1891 - 1989

This deposit includes records from the South Australian Public Teachers' Union, Women Teachers' Guild, South Australian Institute of Teachers, Primary Teachers' Association, Male Assistants' Association, Southern Teachers'...

South Australian Institute of Teachers

Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Enginemen, Queensland Division deposit

  • AU NBAC E212
  • Deposit
  • 1891 - 1973

Minutes of meetings of the Executive Council, correspondence files, arbitration and financial records, publications, reports, and records of Richmond Branch (North Queensland). Includes minutes of predecessor the Queensland Locomotive Enginemen, F...

Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Enginemen

Waterside Workers’ Federation of Australia, Fremantle Branch deposit 1

  • AU NBAC N28
  • Deposit
  • 1891 - 1960

Minutes of the Fremantle Lumpers' Union and the Waterside Workers' Federation Fremantle Branch, 1891-1962; minutes of Casual Section of Fremantle Wharf meetings, 1942-1947; financial records, 1898-1959; office files, 1928-1960; Branch Se...

Waterside Workers’ Federation of Australia

Dalgety's Annual Wool Review, then Annual Wool Digest

  • AU NBAC S56
  • Deposit
  • 1891 - 1985

Single issues of the Wool Review are held for the seasons 1891-92, 1909-10, 1910-11, 1913-14 and 1915-16 and bound copies for the seasons 1916-17 through to 1955-56. From the 1956-57 season it was renamed Dalgety's Annual Wool Digest and sing...

Dalgety and Company Limited

Mitchell and Company deposit

  • AU NBAC 60
  • Deposit
  • 1891 - 1958

Minutes, financial and sales records, wages books and sheets, and newspaper cuttings.

Mitchell and Company Proprietary Limited

Jack and Ruth Davison deposit

  • AU NBAC P117
  • Deposit
  • 1891 - 1994

Minutes, correspondence, notes, photographs and printed material about Lidcombe Emergency Relief Workers (Sydney), 1933–1934; Amalgamated Engineering Union, Sydney 4th Branch, 1935–1944; and the AEU Retired Members Association, Sydney District, 19...

Davison, John William

Maritime Dispute (1997-1998) collection

  • AU NBAC Z592
  • Deposit
  • 1891; 1960 - 2000

The collection includes records of the MUA Dispute Archive Project consisting of union records and correspondence; Australian Council of Trade Unions and Victorian Trades Hall Council minutes; Trade Union Training Authority speaker notes and fact ...

Australian Society for the Study of Labour History

McDowells Limited deposit

  • AU NBAC N249
  • Deposit
  • 1892 - 1971

Minutes, incorporation records including memorandum and articles of association, financial records, subject files and correspondence, daily trading registers, press cuttings, photographs and printed material.

McDowells Limited

Amalgamated Metal Workers' Union, Western Australian Branch deposit

  • AU NBAC N394
  • Deposit
  • 1892 - 1973

Minute books, membership records, correspondence, financial records, industrial papers, reports and rule books. Includes Coastal District and Fremantle Branch records of the Amalgamated Engineering Union and its predecessor Amalgamated Society of ...

Amalgamated Engineering Union

Geoff McDonald Collection deposit 2

  • AU NBAC P39
  • Deposit
  • 1892 - 1967

The collection includes records of various Australian trade unions and organisations. Minutes, reports, correspondence, financial material, subject files, arbitration material, printed and roneoed material, typescript and unpublished manuscript ma...

McDonald, Geoff

Dalgety and Company Limited Brisbane Branch deposit

  • AU NBAC 100-10
  • Deposit
  • 1892 - 1965

The deposit consists of departmental and annual reports, superintendent's reports, branch reports from Townsville, Rockhampton and Toowomba sub-branches, correspondence files with indexes, letterbooks, minutes, financial records, property and...

Dalgety and Company Limited

Peel River Land & Mineral Company (Australian Office) deposit 1

  • AU NBAC 115
  • Deposit
  • 1892 - 1939

The deposit contains Peel River Land & Mineral Company Ltd records held at Goonoo Goonoo: correspondence, financial records, ledgers and daybooks, journals, wages records, stores and rations records, sheep and wool records, stock records, gene...

Peel River Land and Mineral Company

Mount Keira and Mount Kembla Collieries deposit

  • AU NBAC 59
  • Deposit
  • 1892 - 1945

Pay and production records, stock book, annual reports and correspondence for Mount Keira Colliery. Records of earnings of miners and daymen, shipping receiving book, stock books, central office time books and pay records for Mount Kembla Colliery.

Mount Keira Colliery

Brisbane Stock Exchange Limited records

  • AU NBAC N199
  • Deposit
  • 1892 - 1986

Includes minutes, Brisbane Stock Exchange Official Lists, quote sheets, circulars, correspondence files circulars and member firm files.

Brisbane Stock Exchange Limited

Geelong Trades Hall Council deposit

  • AU NBAC E84
  • Deposit
  • 1892 - 1914

Copies of nine photographs of the Geelong Eight Hours Anniversary Committee (and associated activities) and Trades Hall Council delegates.

Geelong Trades Hall Council

Amalgamated Engineering Union, state branches deposit 2

  • AU NBAC E209
  • Deposit
  • 1893 - 1896; 1909 - 1968

Minute books of the following branches: Arncliffe (NSW), Balmain (NSW), Canbbera (ACT), Captain's Flat (NSW), Captain's Flat No.2 (NSW), Central Branch (NSW), Cobar (NSW), Cobar 2nd Branch (NSW), Crows Nest (NSW), Darwin (NT), Dubbo (NSW...

Amalgamated Engineering Union

Operative Stonemasons' Society of Australia New South Wales Branch deposit 3

  • AU NBAC N261
  • Deposit
  • 1893 - 1981

Minutes of meetings (1946-1965), correspondence and financial records of the Sydney Branch, 1893 black list, Federal Council minutes (1916-1964) and financial statements and reports (1964-1981), and minutes of the Monumental Workers' Union of...

Operative Stonemasons' Society of New South Wales

Walter Freeman collection

  • AU NBAC N295
  • Deposit
  • 1893 - 1956

Publications relating to employment by CSR, agriculture and the sugar industry, and Indian residents in Fiji. Includes language publications and historical publications.

Freeman, Walter Frank Harcourt

J F Guthrie deposit 1

  • AU NBAC P31
  • Deposit
  • 1893 - 1957

Research papers, correspondence and drafts of his, A World History of Sheep and Wool, published in 1957. Also includes material on pioneering families in Victoria and the Riverina, periodicals, pamphlets, newspaper cuttings and books.

Guthrie, James Francis

J F Guthrie deposit 2

  • AU NBAC 120
  • Deposit
  • 1893 - 1952

Company registration papers, personal and station correspondence, station returns, registers of quotations and sales, stock records, financial records and related papers.

Guthrie, James Francis

The Australian Estates Company Australian Office microfilm deposit 2

  • AU NBAC M87
  • Deposit
  • 1894 - 1912

Microfilm copy of records held by the company in Melbourne:1. Reports and accounts 1895: comparative results of sugar estates operations, 1894 - 18952. Valuation of freehold and leasehold properties 1909: class V sugar estates, pp. 55-613. Mackay ...

The Australian Estates Company Limited

Amalgamated Engineering Union, Commonwealth Council deposit 2

  • AU NBAC E157
  • Deposit
  • 1894 - 1968

Financial records, Commonwealth Council material re conferences and meetings, membership records, reports, journals and photographs. Includes financial and membership records of Queensland branches: Ipswich Branch, Innisfail Branch, Mt Isa Branch,...

Amalgamated Engineering Union

Mark Feinberg Collection

  • AU NBAC P17
  • Deposit
  • 1894 - 1940

Radical pamphlets, books and serials re Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), Workers' International Industrial Union (WIIU), Australian Socialist Partu, Socialist Labour Party of Australia etc.

Feinberg, Mark

Australian Glass Workers Union, New South Wales Branch deposit

  • AU NBAC T2
  • Deposit
  • 1894 - 1939

Minutes, contributions books, balance sheets, arbitration files consisting of claims, affidavits, exhibits, transcripts and judgements. Includes a report of the Royal Commission on the Mining Industry at Broken Hill 1914 and records of predecessor...

Australian Glass Workers Union

Papers of Della and EV Elliott

  • AU NBAC N343
  • Deposit
  • 1894 - 2006

Correspondence, photographs, newspaper articles, reports, minutes, speeches, travel documents and papers related to the work and personal lives of Della Elliott and Eliot Valens Elliott, particularly Eliot's work as Federal Secretary of the S...

Elliott, Kondelea (Della)

Dalgety Australia Limited Head Office deposit 1

  • AU NBAC 163
  • Deposit
  • 1894 - 1976

All types of company records including conference reports, branch and annual reports, memo book, annual accounts of subsidiary companies, manuals, staff war savings certificates official trustee registers (Sydney), correspondence files, budget pla...

Dalgety Australia Limited

Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited deposit

  • AU NBAC N268
  • Deposit
  • 1894 - 2002

Includes general reports on cane from Australian and Fijian mills, reports on technical fieldwork in Australian mills, David North Plant Research Centre records, weather observations from Macknade and Victoria mills and Technical Field Department ...

Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited

The Australian Estates Company Australian Office deposit 3

  • AU NBAC N350
  • Deposit
  • 1894 - 1985

The deposit comprises the records of subsidiary companies of The Australian Estates Company Limited including Directors and Shareholders minutes, company registers and annual reports.

The Australian Estates Company Limited

B Rosenstamm deposit

  • AU NBAC 66
  • Deposit
  • 1895 - 1947

Financial records and wages books.

B Rosenstamm

Bedggood and Company deposit

  • AU NBAC 57
  • Deposit
  • 1895 - 1959

Minutes of Directors' meetings, financial records, wage books, register of apprentices, advertising and printed materials, and photographs

Bedggood and Company Proprietary Limited

Victorian Teachers' Union deposit 3

  • AU NBAC Z324
  • Deposit
  • 1895 - 1991

Minutes of the State Council (1980-1990) and Executive (1980-1987), correspondence, subject files, meetings with other unions files, and printed material. Minutes and other records of branches: Avoca, Bendigo, Bunyip, Traralgon, Yallourn, Women�...

Victorian Teachers' Union

New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company London Office deposit

  • AU NBAC N19
  • Deposit
  • 1895 - 1963

Minutes of stockholders' meetings 1895-1921; minutes of meetings of Trustees of the 1st and 2nd mortgage Debenture Stocks; minutes of Board of Directors and annual general meetings of stock holders; including minutes of general, committee and...

New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company Limited

Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Enginemen, Federal Office deposit

  • AU NBAC T60
  • Deposit
  • 1895 - 1954

Minutes, reports, correspondence, financial and arbitration records, photographs and publications. Records re the State Instrumentality Unions Committee and the War Railways Committee, papers of State Divisions and of the Victorian Railways Classi...

Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Enginemen

The Australian Estates Company London Office deposit 1

  • AU NBAC 158
  • Deposit
  • 1895 - 1970

The deposit consists of financial papers and reports held at the company's Head Office in London; annual accounts, financial statements and reports from the Australian Head Office (Melbourne) and branch offices, as well as accounts and report...

The Australian Estates Company Limited

The Merchants Trust deposit

  • AU NBAC 9
  • Deposit
  • 1895 - 1922

Annual reports, proceedings of ordinary general meetings, correspondence and financial records.

The Merchants Trust Limited

Jaques Brothers Proprietary Limited deposit

  • AU NBAC 125
  • Deposit
  • 1896 - 1965

Memorandum and articles of association, financial records, wages books and registers, sales records, plant and tools book, apprentice indentures, and a history of the company.

Jaques Brothers Proprietary Limited

Dalgety and Company Limited Townsville Branch deposit

  • AU NBAC 100-6
  • Deposit
  • 1896 - 1963

All types of company records including correspondence, financial records, reports, ledgers, Hughenden sub-branch journal, publications, memorandum and articles of association; sub-branches, departmental and McKimmins Pty Ltd (1949 -) reports and s...

Dalgety and Company Limited

Tom Tansey Collection

  • AU NBAC N232
  • Deposit
  • 1896 – 1960s

Australian Workers Union membership tickets, 1896–1935, certificate of discharge; photograph and blade shears; correspondence, genealogical information.

Tansey, Timothy

Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Enginemen, Tasmanian Division deposit 1

  • AU NBAC E118
  • Deposit
  • 1896 - 1965

Records include minutes of Central, Southern, Wynyard and Devonport branches; minutes of the federal executive and Australian Council of AFULE; agendas and reports, correspondence, financial records, press cuttings, membership records, arbitration...

Australian Federated Union of Locomotive Enginemen

New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company Australian Board deposit

  • AU NBAC 110-1
  • Deposit
  • 1896 - 1960

Minutes of meetings of the Colonial Committee and the Australian Board; minutes of meetings of the Australian Board dealing with station accounts 1903-1915; and minutes of the New Zealand Land Association Limited 1912-1913.

New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company Limited

Allen Taylor and Company deposit

  • AU NBAC 44
  • Deposit
  • 1896 - 1945

Correspondence records, mill director's reports, financial records of saw mills, and journals of Karangi Sawmilling Co (1937 - 1942)

Allen Taylor and Company Limited

Elmina Station deposit

  • AU NBAC N239
  • Deposit
  • 1896 - 1971

Station records by Fletcher Brothers (1907 - 1927) and Baker Brothers (1922 - 1971) including wages books, ledgers and journals, work diaries, correspondence, financial records, station reports, stock returns, wool records, rainfall figures and ma...

Elmina Station

Mauri Brothers and Thomson deposit

  • AU NBAC Z386
  • Deposit
  • 1896 - 1979

Minutes, articles of association, certificates of incorporation, correspondence and financial records for the parent companies, subsidiaries and related companies; shareholder records, directors' lists, agreements, registers, wages records, l...

Mauri Brothers and Thomson Limited

Merryville Proprietary Limited deposit

  • AU NBAC N233
  • Deposit
  • 1897 - 1983

Printed material including newspapers and publications, papers of Sir Walter Merriman, index of workers and photographs.

Merryville Proprietary Limited

F D Mercer Collection

  • AU NBAC P48
  • Deposit
  • 1897 - 1940

This material was collected by F D Mercer and includes business records, correspondence, memoranda, mortgages and bills of sales, notes and printed material about shipping based in Albany, Western Australia and the Albany fruit export trade.

Mercer, F D

Plumbers and Gasfitters Employees' Union Victorian Branch deposit 1

  • AU NBAC T17
  • Deposit
  • 1897 - 1926

Minutes of general meetings of the United Operative Plumbers' and Gasfitters' Society of Victoria and minutes of general meetings and the Management Committee of the Victorian Branch of the Plumbers and Gasfitters Employees' Union o...

United Operative Plumbers' and Gasfitters' Society of Victoria

The Advance Australia

  • S1193
  • Deposit
  • 1897 - 1914, 1915 - 1919

Journal of the Australian Natives Association

Joe Harris Collection deposit 1

  • AU NBAC P43
  • Deposit
  • 1897 - 1966

Records of the Queensland Building Trades Group (1928-1965) including rules and copies of minutes, of the United Operative Bricklayers' Society of Queensland including rules and correspondence (1926-1946), copies of minutes of the Trades and ...

Harris, William Julius Henry

New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company Sydney Branch deposit 2

  • AU NBAC N2
  • Deposit
  • 1897 - 1964

Copies of Sydney Manager's letters to London 1925-29 and Melbourne 1927-39; Store Manager's letterbook 1915-36; records of documents signed under Power of Attorney 1927-64; Registers of Wool Clip Analyses 1897-1953.

New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company Limited

Makower McBeath and Company deposit 1

  • AU NBAC 73
  • Deposit
  • 1897 - 1948

Memorandum and articles of association, minutes, correspondence, journal of M Makower and Company (1899- 1902), financial records, share ledger and register, journal and ledger of the yacht owned by W G McBeath.

Makower McBeath and Company Proprietary Limited

Dalgety and Company Limited Rockhampton Branch deposit

  • AU NBAC 100-5
  • Deposit
  • 1898 - 1970

All types of company records including branch manager's reports, annual reports, correspondence, financial records, deeds and documents, salaries and wages books, stations valuations, Insurance department records, Shipping department records,...

Dalgety and Company Limited

Dunlop Rubber Company of Australia Limited deposit 1

  • AU NBAC 31
  • Deposit
  • 1898 - 1950

This deposit includes articles and memorandum of association, financial records, correspondence, advertising, printed material and photographs. The photographs include images of early bicycle, motorcycle and car races including the Melbourne to Sy...

Dunlop Australia Limited

New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company Townsville Branch deposit

  • AU NBAC 110-6
  • Deposit
  • 1898 - 1962

The deposit consists of deeds, documents, correspondence and papers relating to securities, property and stock sales, leases, contracts, mortgages, insurance, valuations and taxation assessments for local clients. There is a securities register 19...

New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company Limited

Paterson, Laing and Bruce Limited deposit 3

  • AU NBAC 86
  • Deposit
  • 1898 - 1966

Memorandum and articles of association, minute books, share transfer register, branch accounts, financial records of Paterson, Laing and Bruce Limited.

Paterson, Laing and Bruce Limited

Audrey Johnson papers

  • AU NBAC N162
  • Deposit
  • 1899 - 2001

The records in this collection comprise primarily Johnson's research material for the books she wrote and was in the process of writing. They are mostly research files, and copies of materials obtained from libraries and archives. Also includ...

Johnson, Audrey

CSR Limited Technical Field Department deposit

  • AU NBAC Z395
  • Deposit
  • 1899 - 1979

The deposit consists of correspondence, nursery reports, memos and working files of CSR - Technical Field Department 1899-1979; correspondence, photographs and slides collected by George Babar (Chief Technical Officer) 1938-1960, including photog...

Colonial Sugar Refining Company Limited

Amalgamated Metal Workers' Union, Tasmanian Branch deposit

  • AU NBAC Z161
  • Deposit
  • 1899 - 1972

Records of Tasmanian branches of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers, the Amalgamated Engineering Union, the Boilermakers' and Blacksmiths' Society of Australia, and the Sheet Metal Working Agricultural Implement and Stovemaking Industr...

Amalgamated Engineering Union

William Arnott Pty Ltd deposit

  • AU NBAC 135
  • Deposit
  • 1899 - 1970

Memorandum and articles of association, shareholder and financial records, personnel records (1941-1965), correspondence, papers relating to subsidiaries and printed materials.

William Arnott Proprietary Limited

Jack Kavanagh collection deposit 2

  • AU NBAC N336
  • Deposit
  • 1899 - 1982

Articles and research notes by biographer David Akers; copy of transcript of an interview with Jack Kavanagh; political and personal papers of Jack and Edna Kavanagh, including correspondence, diaries, note books, press cuttings, photographs and p...

Kavanagh, John Patrick Marcus

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